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Guess the designer desktop!

Here's how it works: we've featured a selection of images of a mystery artist's desktop, accompanied by a set of clues. All you have to do is guess who it belongs to...

Clue 1: Mini bar

"I always have a ready supply of the good stuff on hand for emergencies. And, of course, not forgetting the old vitamin C tablets for the morning after."

Clue 2: Bench and books

"I often pull up the London office's Tom Dixon bench for art directors to come and sit down for a chat. Here I've used it to display some of the books and magazines I turn to for inspiration."

Clue 3: Little Man

"This little guy is never far away. I'm a big fan of the Detroit Pistons, having spent four years in the USA before moving to London in September last year."

Clue 4: The masked man

"Showing off the spoils of a recent holiday to Mexico. I originally had my sights set on the world of professional wrestling and still long for the lucha libre."

Clue 5: The finer things

"A lover of fine things, I'm never without my laptop and tunes."

Clue 6: What a view!

"I clashed a little with the last freelance designer. Our creative department has quite the artistic temperament."

So, did you manage to guess the mystery designer?

Andy Thomas of Huge

Andy Thomas is creative director at global digital agency Huge. Andy leads creative design, strategy and concept development for new business ventures and large-scale clients at Huge.

Bringing in over 10 years of interactive experience to Huge, Thomas has held leadership roles in firms throughout the US, UK and Australia including Schematic, Create the Group, Spin Communications, Rich Creative and Digital Outlook.

Thomas has led projects for a variety of clients in fashion, luxury, entertainment and sports, including The New York Times, NBC, Topman, Burberry, Neiman Marcus, Calvin Klein, Nokia, Universal Music Group and Nintendo.

Well done if you managed to guess this week's mystery guest. Make sure you come back next week for another guess the designer desktop challenge!