33 brilliant Blender tutorials

Free 3D tool Blender just got even better - simply follow these quality tutorials from leading 3D artists.

Want to try something new with Blender, the free cross-platform suite of tools for 3D creation? Then these pro tutorials are for you!

In this article, we've rounded up the best step-by-step Blender tutorials from around the web. Improve your modelling, animating, rendering and compositing skills as you follow the projects and pick up tips from leading 3D designs.

We hope you find something here that tickles your fancy - and don't forget to let us know how you get on in the comments at the bottom of the page.

Mastering the basics

01. Introduction for beginners

Get started with the basics of Blender with this short video tutorial series from Blender Foundation certified trainer Jonathan Williamson.

02. Blender basics – shading and lighting

Before you start creating anything in Blender, you need to master the basics. This 20-minute video tutorial will walk you through Blender's shading and lighting features.

Enhance your environments

03. Create a realistic off-road scene

Blender tutorials
Learn to create a realistic terrain for a rally car

Tasks that not so long ago would have taken a long time to learn are becoming much easier to administer with a single click or a dedicated plugin as 3D software becomes more advanced. One of these is moving a car along a predefined surface geometry. In this amazing Blender tutorial, Mike Griggs demonstrates how to create a realistically rough terrain for rallying.

04. How to enhance a game level environment

In this video-based Blender tutorial, 3D expert Christopher Plush shows how to create low-overhead in-game effects that won't tax your players' machines.

Realistic renders

05. How to create a cup of coffee in Blender

In this complete project video by Oliver Villar you'll learn some modelling tricks, and how to create simple, and not so simple node materials in the Cycles render engine.

06. How to create a realistic earth

This tutorial uses several textures from NASA to create a realistic earth. Master the complex terrain, ocean, clouds, atmospheres and tweak materials to create realistic shaders for this project.

07. How to make a minion

This tutorial is for intermediate Blender users covers the modeling process to create a simple version of a minion as seen in the movie Despicable Me. After modeling the minion, we set up camera, backdrop and lighting to finish off with a render.

08. Create a realistic head

Discover modeling, sculpting and texturing techniques with this complete tutorial series

This complete tutorial series explains the process of creating a realistic human portrait with Blender 2.6, covering base mesh modeling, detail sculpting, texture painting, hair growing and styling, sub-surface scatter shading, and compositing.

09. How to create a photo-real render using Cycles

Blender tutorials
Create jewellery that's photo-realistic

In this series of six in-depth video-based Blender tutorials, pro 3D artist Alex Telford shows you how to create a realistic render of some jewellery. Watch as he takes you from concept to final image with the software's Cycles render engine.

10. How to make realistic bread

In this easy-to-follow tutorial, discover how to make tasty looking bread in Blender, using displacement, subsurf scattering and more.

11. Create a spaceship

In this two-part video-based Blender tutorial you'll learn how to model a concept spaceship; how to use your own sketches as reference; and how a combination of modifiers can aid you in modelling.

12. Modelling a building

This Blender video tutorial takes you through how to model a building from a single reference. By the end you'll be left with a model that could easily be used as a game asset or as a base for much more highly detailed building.

13. The secrets of realistic texturing

Blender expert Andrew Price reveals the secrets of realistic texturing in Blender in this detailed video tutorial.

Amazing animations

14. Fun with rigid bodies

Bring the destruction! Andrew Price demonstrates how to go wild with Blender's rigid body simulator, making a chain, a wrecking ball and a load of stuff to destroy in an entertaining manner.

15. Character animation fundamentals

In this series of 22 lessons, Blender artist Beorn Leonard explains all the fundamentals of character animation in Blender. Highlights include working with timing and spacing, overlapping motion, animation walk and run cycles and understand IK and FK.

16. How to create an animation walkcycle

This tutorial from artist Karan Shah explains how to generate a character rig using Blender's Rigify add-on, as well as the process of creating an animation walk cycle using keyframing.

17. How to animate a circular swipe in Blender

Learn how to roll a 3D object on its edge. In this case, a cube...

Bassam Kurdali's video explains how to set up a clock face-style swiping action using the popular open-source 3D package. You can also download the accompanying project files for this tutorial.

18. How to create a Tron-inspired light cycle effect

Blender tutorials
C'mon, who doesn't love a Tron light cycle?

Tron: Legacy reignited an interest in the original, ground breaking 1982 movie, which saw geeks everywhere wowed by Tron's CG light cycle sequences. Filmmaker, animator and all-round Blender tutorials supremo Bassam Kurdali shows you how to create your very own light cycle effect in this walkthrough.

19. How to animate a flame using materials in Blender

Blender tutorials
Follow this technique to create an amazing flame animation

In this superb Blender tutorial, Bassam Kurdali shows how procedural materials and the software's compositing tools can create movement.

20. How to create an energetic fire and water scene

Blender tutorial guru Andrew Price returns to show you how to simulate real-world flame and fluid effects. His digital weapons of choice? Enter Blender's fluid and smoke simulators...

21. How to roll a 3D object on its edge

Blender tutorials
Use the curve editor to roll objects on their edge

This is one of the quicker Blender tutorials in this list, where you can learn how to roll objects on their edge using the curve editor. Bassam Kurdali talks you through the technique in 10 easy steps.

22. Create a classy fluid simulation

This Blender tutorial by Andrew Price shows you how to create realistic fluid effects and render it using the new Cycles rendering engine.

Blender techniques

 23. Fur with Cycles and particle hair

Jonathan Lampel demonstrates how to use multiple particle systems to add realistic hair to an animal and how to easily set up a great looking fur material using Cycles' new hair shader.

24. Model a low-poly T-Rex in Blender

Create your own Jurassic Park with this easy to follow tutorial

This hour-long beginner tutorial walks you through how to model, uvmap and texture a low-poly T-Rex in Blender.

25. How to make metallic text

Blender tutorials
Create attention-grabbing text with this Blender tutorial

3D typography has a big place in the industry. In this tutorial, discover how to create a big, bold, attention-grabbing title.

26. Introduction to rigging

Lee Salvemini is kind of a big deal in the Blender community. He worked on Sintel, Elephants dream and spent two years on Star Wars video game titles for LucasArts. Here, he presents a complete beginner's introduction to rigging.

27. How to box model a sperm whale in 3D

See how you can use box modelling to create complex shapes.

Box modelling is a staple technique for every 3D artist. Learn how to model a sperm whale suitable for use in animation or games work in this simple step-by-step guide.

28. How to build and use a phoneme library

Blender tutorials
Create a library of 3D components in this video-based tutorial

3D expert Alex Telford explains how to create a library of mouth shapes and other expression components. This Blender tutorial is a big one and spans 14 videos.

29. Model a modern interior scene

In this two-hour beginnger tutorials, self-taught 3D artist and architecture student Claudio Della Neve explains exactly how to model an interior scene in Blender.

30. Greenscreen masking

Add some Hollywood flair to your projects! Here you'll learn the basics of masking and chroma keying in Blender; just the thing for mixing real world footage with CG via a bit of green screen action.

31. Introduction to camera-tracking

Blender comes bundled with an awesome new feature called Camera Tracking. This tutorial gives you a complete beginners introduction to what it is and how to start using it right now.

32. Camera mapping in Blender

Here, Andrew Price explains everything you need to know to do camera mapping using Blender.

33. 13 brilliant Blender tips from the pros

Blender tutorials
Experts offer 13 insightful tips

Make Blender part of your professional pipeline with this set of workflow tips and tricks from the experts. Ian Hubert (Project London), James Neal (Red Cartel), Jason van Gumster (Hand Turkey Studios), William Reynish (an animator on Big Buck Bunny and Sintel) and Nathan Vegdahl (freelance), all spill the beans.

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