38 brilliant Blender tutorials

Creating 3D art can be expensive. But thanks to creatives developing open source software, like Blender, everyone can get involved. In this article, we've rounded up the best step-by-step Blender tutorials from around the web. Improve your modelling, animating, rendering and compositing skills as you follow the projects and pick up tips from leading 3D designers. We've grouped the tutorials into three sections, so that as well as browsing the whole list you can jump straight to the guides that are most relevant to you.

Master the basics

01. Introduction for beginners

Get started with the basics of Blender with this short video tutorial series from Blender Foundation certified trainer Jonathan Williamson.

02. Blender basics: shading and lighting

Before you start creating anything in Blender, you need to master the basics. This 20-minute video tutorial will walk you through Blender's shading and lighting features.

03. Making sense of the 3D production pipeline

You don't need to master the entire 3D process to create impressive art in Blender, but it is at least helpful to have an understanding of the 3D production pipeline so that you're aware what the various elements are and can communicate with people who work in other parts of the pipeline. Get a helpful overview here.

04. The secrets of realistic texturing

Blender expert Andrew Price reveals the secrets of realistic texturing in Blender in this detailed video tutorial.

05. Character animation fundamentals

In this series of 22 lessons, Blender artist Beorn Leonard explains all the fundamentals of character animation in Blender. Highlights include working with timing and spacing, overlapping motion, animation walk and run cycles and understand IK and FK.

06. Lighting and baking workflow

Get to grips with the complete workflow for setting up lighting for an outdoor scene. In this tutorial you'll learn how to bake light for a blazing fast render, taking 14 seconds per frame rather than eight minutes.

07. How to create an animation walkcycle

This tutorial from artist Karan Shah explains how to generate a character rig using Blender's Rigify add-on, as well as the process of creating an animation walk cycle using keyframing.

08. Greenscreen masking

Add some Hollywood flair to your projects! Here you'll learn the basics of masking and chroma keying in Blender; just the thing for mixing real world footage with CG via a bit of green screen action.

09. Introduction to rigging

Lee Salvemini is kind of a big deal in the Blender community. He worked on Sintel, Elephants dream and spent two years on Star Wars video game titles for LucasArts. Here, he presents a complete beginner's introduction to rigging.

10. Introduction to camera-tracking

Blender comes bundled with an awesome new feature called Camera Tracking. This tutorial gives you a complete beginners introduction to what it is and how to start using it right now.

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