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Designer reveals new superhero packaging for RedBull

Art director Diego Fonseca ditches RedBull's recognisable packaging in favour of new superhero uniforms.

RedBull superhero packaging

Forget RedBull giving you wings. There's every possibility you'll possess superpowers if you downed one of these newly designed cans of the infamous energy drink.   

In this conceptual project, the recogniseable RedBull packaging design - a tall, slim, silver and blue can, has been transformed into the colourful uniforms of some of the world's best-loved superheroes. 

Conceived by New York-based art director Diego Fonseca, who drew inspiration from his favourite comic book characters, there are six designs in total; Batman, Wonderwoman, Flash, The Green Lantern, Superman and Aquaman. And we want them. All. 

RedBull superhero packaging
RedBull superhero packaging
RedBull superhero packaging
RedBull superhero packaging

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