Evocative milkshake branding takes a step back in time

New Zealand designers transport Master Milkshakes back to the 1950s with this new brand identity and packaging design.

Auckland-based graphic design studio Fuman was recently commissioned to create a brand identity for Master Milkshakes. The brief required the inclusion of a hand-drawn character, which should have a "1950s retro vibe but not too 'hipster' - something that would have a timeless feel and stand out from the crowd".

Reminiscent of the designs found in original 1950s soda shops, everything from the colour palette to the character illustration and stripy, blue-and-white straws works for us in this charming, fun new identity.

The only thing we have to admit to being slightly bemused by is the choice of packaging for the bottle, which looks somewhat out of place. As much as we love the overall, retro-style design, the thick, brown plastic container makes it hard not to be think of the medicine bottle that contained banana-flavoured Amoxicillin syrup we took as kids. What do you think?

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Kerrie Hughes is associate editor at Creative Bloq. Her employment at Future Publishing began in January 2010 as staff writer for 3D World magazine. Since then, she's written regularly for other publications, including ImagineFX and Computer Arts magazines.