Radical type takes centre stage of TV channel rebrand

Jonathan Glazer and Neville Brody are two of the big names behind Channel 4's new rebrand.

Channel 4

The new font Channel 4 is using

Since it launched back in 1982, Channel 4's whirling crystalline logo has been the cornerstone of their public image. Now a new rebrand by DBLG and SQUA breaks down the logo and scatters it through the channel's idents.

The rebrand gives new life to the deconstructed logo concept

Directed by Jonathan Glazer, the rebrand reflects Channel 4's remit of focusing on diversity and taking creative risks.

"We created to design a system that was playful, surprising, ever changing and above all colourful," DBLG explains in this blog post.

Coupled with a new bespoke font created by Brody Associates, this is the biggest image overhaul Channel 4 has undertaken in 10 years. The new imagery has already been incorporated into the design of the Channel 4 News and offices.

See how the design developed and get a glimpse of what to expect from Channel 4 by watching the rebrand in action below.

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