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Re-style Street Art

Bored with graffiti-style graphics? Daniel Westwood demonstrates how to put a modernist twist on street art staples.

For some years I've tried to create a style for myself that's innovative but also approachable; a style that people will remember me for, and one that will stick out in a very fast-moving industry.

This tutorial shows you how to create a loose and versatile illustrative look, in very much the same way graffiti is created, but with a more graphical approach. One of the key skills is the creation of light and dark, high and low density within a flat illustration, which really brings the shapes to life without too much work.

This style really is a contradiction in its own right. By working in this way, you're creating something balanced and of form, but at the same time there is no structure to the piece; it's free and alive.

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