The 5 best computer mice for designers

The humble mouse is probably one of the most important tools you use each day, so it's essential to find one that is both responsive and comfortable. We've spoken to many designers who still prefer to use a mouse when working on digital projects despite the continued improvement of tablets and styluses.

But there are thousands of variations of computer mouse out there – including trackpads – so how do you know you're using the right one? Here we list five of the best to help make your day more efficient.

01. Logitech MX Master

A super responsive scroll wheel is handy for precision design work

Logitech produces some of the most responsive mice on the market, which comes pretty handy when you need a tool with precision. The latest cordless MX Master model is designed to fit comfortably in your hand over a long period of time and includes a super responsive scroll wheel that lets you browse web pages or documents at your own speed, depending on how fast you flick the wheel.

Buttons located on the side of the mouse also let you flit between windows without having to use the usual Alt+Tab, and can easily program your shortcuts. The only downside to the MX Master is the pretty hefty price tag of around £80.

02. Apple Magic Mouse 2

The Magic Mouse benefits from a super light design and laser tracking capabilities

Apple was late to join the innovative mouse party then it created the Magic Mouse. Its replacement, the imaginitively-titles Magic Mouse 2, has a super light design and laser tracking capabilities which make it easy to flick between InDesign pages and make even the smallest changes on practically any surface.

However, the downside is that it’s perhaps a little too over-sensitive at times. The multi-touch area on the top of the mouse, which lets you scroll in any direction, can sometimes become frustrating when wanting to keep your finger in the same place for a long period of time. But for Magic Mouse evangelists, there is nothing to touch it.

03. Razer Deathadder Chroma

Just like designers, gamers need a mouse that is sensitive and accurate, so it stands to reason that gaming mice are a good option for designers too. And the Razer range of gaming mice is one of the most responsive out there.

Razer mice have three types of sensors, dual, laser and optical, and its ergonomic shape is designed to support the flow of your hand. The Razer Deathadder mouse is the bestseller, as well as the cheapest, and features an optical sensor, rubber side grips and syncs all of your mouse settings stored in the Cloud.

04. Genius Wireless Pen Mouse

It's not a stylus - it's a mouse in the shape of a pen!

This pen-shaped mouse isn't for everyone, and it isn't – as you might expect – a device for digital artists to replicate their brushstrokes on the computer. But it's ideally suited to multi-monitor displays where the cursor can be swiped from one end to the other quickly, and for those who want the pen-shape of a stylus but the abilities of a mouse it is a quirky alternative.

05. Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse

This Windows accessory works on Macs too - and is both ergonomic and ambidextrous

This compact wireless mouse connects via Bluetooth and was primarily created for use with the touch-centric tiled user interface of Windows. But it's also compatible with Macs and other versions of Windows, and is designed to be both ergonomic and ambidextrous.

This mouse is for those who value simplicity and comfort, as well as good value in this company.

Additional contributions from Craig Stewart.