Flash brings weather disasters to life in your browser

History Canada's storm-chasing website, built using Flash, enables you to wreak epic destruction in your browser.

Agency Secret Location was engaged to create both the 3D animation and companion digital documentary for History Canada's Perfect Storms – a six-part documentary series recounting rare and world-altering historical disasters.

"We built Perfect Storms Interactive in Flash because it gave us the strongest tool to make use of the high-quality 3D assets we had created for the series," Kania Lou-Gagliardini, production coordinator at Secret Location, explains.

"With Flash we were able to adapt and then integrate these broadcast-quality assets into the site. This helped to elevate the visual aesthetic of the experience and create cohesion between the TV series and its digital companion."

Despite being a companion site, Perfect Storms works extremely well with or without the TV series: it operates on an interactive level with a number of tasks you are asked to complete which are a fun and fascinating way to learn about these important historical events.

Words: Paul Wyatt

This article originally appeared in net magazine issue 245

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