The 100 best free fonts

Updated for 2017! Here's a selection of the best free fonts, from geometric sans-serif typefaces to stylish script serifs.

64. Airbag

Free fonts Airbag

Airbag is a slab serif typeface created by designer Simon Stratford

Format: TTF

This trendy display typeface was created by designer Simon Stratford after he failed to find a free font online suitable for his artwork. The slab serif typeface is the Stratford's first, the designer creating a full set of uppercase letters, numbers and a few special characters. And all he asks for in return for the download is a simple tweet.

65. Ansley

Free fonts Ansley Display

Ansley is free for personal and commercial use

Format: TTF

Detroit-based graphic designer Kady Jesko created Ansley after not being able to find a free retro-style font. Inspired by “past and modern retro typography”, it’s perfect for display use.

Jesko offers Ansley as a free download for both personal and commercial use, with donations, as ever, gratefully received.

66. Carton

Free fonts Carton

Nick claims that Carton is 'best served chilled'

Format: OTF

Here's another awesome find on Lost Type, the typography co-op that ensures its designers receive 100 per cent of the donations given for their fonts. This time, the typeface comes from talented Newcastle based graphic designer Nick McCosker.

It only comes in upper case but we think that's all a typeface of this kind needs. It's immediately striking to the eye and will work really well with any titled-based designs; possibly less so in body text.

67. Chunkfive

Free fonts Chunkfive

Chunkfive has all the ingredients for great headings and titles

Format: OTF

Chunkfive derives from the team at The League of Moveable Type. With a motto of providing only the best fonts within the interweb, Chunkfive is a perfect example of their high standards.

An ultra-bold slab serif, Chunkfive has all the ingredients for great headings and titles. The fact that it also contains lower case means that it could also work in body set text. If you're looking for a vintage Americana feel, then Chunkfive is your guy.

68. Distractor

Free fonts Distractor

Use for personal projects and be sure to let Simon know how you got on

Format: OTF

Distractor a new typeface designed by London-based graphic designer Simon Stratford. Loosely based on Bevan, the inspiration behind this font was the old letterpress styles and hand printed lettering - a passion of Simon's. Use for personal projects and be sure to let Simon know what you think of it!

69. Geared

Free fonts Geared

Geared could be a versatile addition to your next project

Format: OTF

Geared is an industrial inspired Condensed Slab Serif that comes in four weights – thin, regular, bold and extrabold. It was designed by graphic designer Ben Dalrymple and with such an extensive character set, Geared could be a versatile addition to your next project.

70. Homestead

Free fonts Homestead

Homestead comes in uppercase only with numerals and punctuation

Format: TTF

An evocative yet forward thinking slab, Homestead is another stunning creation from the guys at Lost Type. Inspired by their desire and need to explore, Homestead represents the ways in which we are always searching for the place to call home. Designed by Luke Lisi, Homestead comes in uppercase only with numerals and punctuation.

71. Klinic

Free fonts Klinic

Support your fellow designers and donate cash towards these brilliant fonts

Format: OTF

In four weights (and italics), the eight-font Klinic Slab family is one of Lost Type's most comprehensive releases to date. A contemporary, versatile slab serif, Klinic is a workhorse that marries personality and functionality. Designed by Joe Prince, it's free to download, but if you decide to use it then we'd encourage you to make a donation.

72. Lumberjack

free fonts Lumberjack

Lumberjack supports a range of different languages

Format: OTF

Distressed typeface Lumberjack is the first font produced by designer Aleksei Kalinin. A bold design, Lumberjack is great for a variety of projects, headlines and poster in particular.

73. Molesk

Free fonts Molesk

Download Molesk to add a vintage touch to your designs

Format: TTF

This vintage-style inclusion in our rundown was designed by communication and multimedia student Pedro Lobo. A slab serif font with shadows on the right, the design includes a full set of upper-case letters, numbers and a selection of special characters.

74. Silverfake

Free fonts Silverfake

This vintage font is presented in contemporary curves

Format: OTF

Silverfake is a new contemporary slab serif wide free font designed Alexey Frolov, aka MRfrukta. This vintage font is presented in contemporary curves that make the font applicable for both retro and modern designs. Silverfake contains only capital letters but also some alternate characters are also included.

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