The 100 best free fonts

21. Universum

Free fonts Universum
Universum is based around the circle and variations on it

Universum is a free font created by Prague-based graphic designer JAF 34. He wanted to create his own typeface based around the circle and variations on it, and here's the result.

JAF 34 says that Universum is suitable for posters and print design, and comes in OpenType and TrueType flavours. While it's free, JAF 34 suggests you might want to make a donation if you like it.

Format: TTF, OTF

22. Kilogram

Free fonts Kilogram
Kilogram was based on Nick Curtis' Anagram

This font was created by KalleGraphics and based on Nick Curtis' font Anagram. The bold design includes a full set of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters. Free for personal use.


23. Construthinvism

Free fonts Construthinvism
This free typeface was inspired by Russian Constructivism and Cryllic characters

Pedro Fernandes and 4838Design are collectively responsible for free font Construthinvism. Fernandes describes the design as being "inspired by the Russian Constructivism, Cyrillic characters and Alexander Rodchenko".


24. Molesk

Free fonts Molesk
Download Molesk to add a vintage touch to your designs

This vintage-style inclusion in our rundown was designed by communication and multimedia student Pedro Lobo. A slab serif font with shadows on the right, the design includes a full set of upper-case letters, numbers and a selection of special characters.


25. Bigmouth

Free fonts Bigmouth
A simple tweet is all the creators of Bigmouth ask for in return for this download

What's that? You want more? Well, say hello to Bigmouth: a font by Timo Kuilder of Twelve Twenty. The typeface is available in both regular and bold versions. All the Timo asks for in return for the download is a simple tweet (click the 'Pay with Tweet' button on the top right).


26. Tracks

Free fonts Tracks
Tracks Type will look great when used for headlines and posters

Tracks type is all caps fonts and alphabet only, inspired with railway tracks slash, static, dynamic, and clean. It was designed by Indonesia-based design student Gumpita Rahayu and is available in two different styles - medium and slanted. This font was designed for display purposes, so will look great when used for headlines.


27. Ziamimi

Free fonts Ziamimi
Another typeface collection that's perfect for your headlines and poster designs

Ziamimi is a gorgeous font that comes in capitals - making it perfect for headers and eye-catching statements. Its sleek finish allows it to really stand out as one of the best free typefaces we've come across. It also comes with numbers and a few punctuation marks.


28. Dooodleista

Free fonts Dooodleista
Download this font for free if you're looking to experiment!

Why Doodle? This question can be answered with two simple words - for fun. This is the first and most important rule that designer Filiz Sahin has set out for anyone that uses one of the quirkiest typefaces in our list. We love its playful style and doodle art feel.


29. Klinic

Free fonts Klinic
Support your fellow designers and donate cash towards these brilliant fonts

In four weights (and italics), the eight-font Klinic Slab family is one of Lost Type's most comprehensive releases to date. A contemporary, versatile slab serif, Klinic is a workhorse that marries personality and functionality. Designed by Joe Prince, it's free to download, but if you decide to use it then we'd encourage you to make a donation.


30. Albert

Free fonts Albert
Designer William Suckling was inspired by Victorian signage and lettering when developing new typeface Albert

Albert is the latest offering from 22-year-old, London College of Communication design student William Bayley Suckling. One of many designs created by the talented creative, Albert is a new decorative headline typeface, inspired by Victorian signage and lettering.


31. Muchacho

Free fonts Muchacho
'A western-style serif font with quirky legs' - Jeff Schrieber on Muchacho

Designer Jeff Schreiber describes his typeface Muchacho as "a western-style serif font with quirky legs". Based in the Netherlands, Schreiber's design contains all capital letters, numbers, diacritical marks and most punctuation marks. Muchacho is a free version of his Wild West-inspired typeface Gringo.


32. Cylburn

Free fonts Cylburn
Download Cylburn at Lost Type Co-op

You can find semi-connected script font Cylburn on Lost Type Co-op. Designed by Dai Foldes, the artist comments on his creation: "Cylburn is a semi-connected script, structurally based on Roundhand but written with a pointed brush and restrained tension that separate it from its traditional roots." Like many free typefaces there is no charge for personal use, but donations are gratefully recieved.


33. Lovelo

Free fonts Lovelo
Coming with two line versions, this is the perfect font for headlines

Designed by Austrian typographer Renzler Design, the Lovelo font is a remake of the original Lovelo Inline. It's a geometric sans serif typeface with two line versions, making it an eye-catching choice for any large text or headlines. As always, the font is free but there is a donation option if you'd like to show the designer your appreciation.


34. Komoda

Free fonts Komoda
Komoda is a great free display font

This great free font is Komoda by Polish designer Joanna Angulska. "Komoda is a display, sans serif typeface suitable for headlines, editorial and poster design," she comments on Behance.


35. Fairview

Free fonts Fairview
Fairview is one of the many great fonts available on the Lost Type Co-op

Fairview is a condensed sans serif, with small cap alternates, inspired by the industrial lettering of the 20th century. Designed by Riley Cran for the Lost Type Co-op, the font comes in uppercase, lowercase, numerals and punctuation. There's also a donation option with this font, so be generous and show your appreciation!


36. Zwodrei

Free fonts Zwodrei
Another brilliant font for headlines and larger texts

Perfect for personal headline use, Zwodrei was designed by 27-year-old German based graphic designer Lukas Bischoff. After graduating from his studies of communication design at the University of Applied Science, Lukas has gone on the create some beautiful typefaces - including this one!


37. Distractor

Free fonts Distractor
Use for personal projects and be sure to let Simon know how you got on

Distractor a new typeface designed by London-based graphic designer Simon Stratford. Loosely based on Bevan, the inspiration behind this font was the old letterpress styles and hand printed lettering - a passion of Simon's. Use for personal projects and be sure to let Simon know what you think of it!


38. Linux Libertine

Free fonts Linux Libertine
Featuring more than 2000 glyphs this Times alternative is great - and free!

Linux Libertine was designed by the Libertine Open Fonts Project and, according to Wikipedia, "aims to create free and open alternatives to proprietary typefaces such as Times Roman". The font is licensed under the GNU General Public License and the SIL Open Font License, and contains more than 2,000 glyphs and includes character sets such as the Greek Alphabet, Cyrillic script, and Hebrew.


39. Museo Sans 500

Free fonts Museo Sans 500
Museo is extremely popular, and you can get two variants for free

This extremely popular font is part of the Museo family of fonts, and you can get both the Sans 500 and Sans 500 Italic versions for free. You can either get one desktop license, one web font license for 500,000 page views, or a combination of the two. Registration is required to access the fonts.


40. Museo Slab 500

Free fonts Museo Slab 500
Museo Slab is a weighty font that packs a serious punch

If you thought a free Museo sans font was good, we've also got two Museo Slab variants to accompany it. If you're looking for an impactful heading font, this could be it. As with the Sans versions above, you can either get one desktop license, one web font license for 500,000 page views, or a combination of the two. Registration again required to access the fonts.


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