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10 beautiful examples of bookmark design

Get inspired by these original takes on the humble bookmark.

A good bookmark can be invaluable, saving you precious time thumbing through the pages to find your place. But why settle for something plain? These artists and designers have put their creative minds to reinventing the bookmark and have come up trumps. Check out these original and imaginative approaches to product design, and prepare to be inspired...

01. Literal bookmarks

bookmark design
These bookmarks take their inspiration from classic novels

Inspired by classic literature such as Moby Dick and 1984, Turkish designer Ethem Onur BilgiƧ created this range of gorgeous bookmarks.

bookmark design
These bookmarks are lifting the literature from the pages

The impressive designs highlight important characters and the general feel of the book as a whole. This would certainly get us leafing through our favourite novels once again.

02. Menu bookmark

bookmark design
This bookmark by Greek design studio Mnm doubles as a business card

Greek Design studio Mnm created these cute and innovative bookmarks, which also function as menus and business cards, for a Cretan traditional restaurant in Athens. We love the original use of paper stock and bold design visuals on show here.

03. Book jacket bookmarks

bookmark design
Igor Udeshlivy has created this matching set of book jackets and bookmarks

When looking for inspiration for a bookmark design, why not consider the obvious - the books themselves? Igor Udeshlivy designed this unique series of bookmarks in combination with bespoke jacket designs for classic novels. Each bookmark design works hand in hand with the themes and story lines of each book.

bookmark design
Each design meshes with the story lines of the specific book

04. Nerd Glasses         

bookmark design
Rafaela Paludo's quirky bookmark design riffs on the idea of reading glasses

This set of bookmarks by Brazilian designer Rafaela Paludo offers a quirky and visually innovative alternative to the normal approach to bookmark design. You can see more of her work on her portfolio site.

05. Wooden bookmarks

bookmark design
Juozas Urbonavicius made good use of pyrogrphy to create these original bookmark designs

Lithuanian designer Juozas Urbonavicius produced these beautiful and strikingly original examples of bookmark design using thin wood pieces and applying animal figures using a pyrogrphic technique.

06. Letterpress bookmark

bookmark design
Nolte Design used letterpress to create this funky bookmark design

This fun bookmark design was made by Nolte Design using traditional printing methods and letterpress. The use of simple colours and design overlapping gives it a rich texture and we love the way the creature is interwined with the beautiful typography.

07. Multi-functional bookmark

bookmark design
Issac Paris's stainless steel bookmark has multiple uses for designers

This multi-purpose stainless steel bookmark is the creation of New York studio Issac Paris. It also functions as a pocket ruler, and a circle and triangle template. A perfect tool for designers and creatives to use on a daily basis.

bookmark design
The bookmark also works as a ruler, and a circle and triangle template

08. Pull-out bookmarks

bookmark design

This self-promotional project by young Italian design studio Graficheria takes the basics of the bookmark concept and runs with it. The results are attractively simple in colour and approach.

09. Bible bookmarks

bookmark design
Modern8 created these bespoke bookmark designs for a series of Bible books

Salt Lake City agency Modern8 created these intricate and elegant bookmark designs to be sold with their client's 'Bookjigs' series of Bible books. There's a focus on functionality too, with the ribbon making sure you never lose your place.

10. Calligrafitti bookmarks

bookmark design
Joana D used graffiti-inspired typography to create this bookmark design

Joana D is a graphic design student and illustrator based in Lisbon, Portugal. Her bookmark design uses graffiti-inspired typography to produce an urban-looking yet classy set of bookmarks.

Words: Meryem Meg and the Creative Bloq team

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