The 60 best free Photoshop brushes

53. Skin brushes

Free Photoshop brushes Skin brushes

Create perfect looking skin with these brushes

Marta Dahlig has been creating digital brushes for years now, and as she specialises in portraits, her set of skin brushes is an amazing boost to any digital artist's armory.

Limitations: none

54. Fire brushes

free Photoshop brushes fire brushes

Niño Batitis relights the fire in Photoshop

Digital artist Niño Batitis has been very kind in releasing 13 high-quality Photoshop fire brushes for free. Perfect for your design projects, these will allow you to experiment with flames, characters and landscapes.

Limitations: none

55. Bokeh brushes

Free Photoshop brushes Bokeh

Use this collection of free Bokeh brushes for free in your next photo-editing projects and more

The term Bokeh is of Japanese origin and refers to the appearance or feel of the out-of-focus areas of a photograph. Add this cool effect to your imagery with this free set of high quality Bokeh brushes

Limitations: none

56. Photorealistic explosions

Free Photoshop brushes explosion brushes

Add fire to your photo manipulations with these explosion brushes

A useful set of 16 explosion images, each saved as a standard image, but easily used as a brush. Perfect for compositing or adding impact to your designs.

Limitations: none

57. Gradient shapes

free Photoshop brushes gradient shapes

These gradient shape brushes are free for personal and commercial use

A nice set of simple swishes that incorporate gradient colours to provide a modern, soft-edged finesse to any graphic design project.

Limitations: none

58. 3D Halftone

free Photoshop brushes 3D halftone

There are 16 brushes in this free set

A really nice set of halftone images arranged in 3D with perspective to create interesting patterns that add depth to designs.

Limitations: non-commercial use only

59. Funky paisley brushes

free Photoshop brushes paisley

There are both fancy brushes and some plain ones in this set

A rich set of brushes each featuring a paisley design element. Also includes the original PNG files the designer used to create the brushes.

Limitations: non-commercial use only

60. VectorPack brushes

free Photoshop brushes vector pack

Create confident shapes with this free set of brushes

A nice range of circular brushes that are clean and modern.

Limitations: none

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