The 62 best free Photoshop brushes

Brushes can save some serious time when adding design flourishes, so we've rounded up our favourite free Photoshop brushes.

34. Gritty and grunge

free Photoshop brushes grime

Roughen your typography and illustrations with this brush set

Seven useful brushes that instantly add a grimy background to your work, featuring useful specks and splatters as well as areas of grit.

Limitations: none

35. Speckle brushes

free Photoshop brushes toast

Five toast brushes for your perusal

This superb set of five Photoshop brushes were made using a piece of toast. No, seriously!

Limitations: none

36. Grimey brushes

free Photoshop brushes grime

Add some grime to your designs with this free Photoshop brush set

A useful set of brushes for adding a bit of dirt to your images, this collection of five brushes from Mattox Shuler is understated but incredibly versatile.

Limitations: none

37. Sponge party

free Photoshop brushes sponge

Create great sponge effects with this set of free Photoshop brushes

Some beautiful textures make up this collection of eight high quality brushes, including some excellent sponge brush marks, great for adding timbre to collage work.

Limitations: none

38. Dried blood splatters

free Photoshop brushes blood

Get your hands on the 117 brushes in this set

A full 117 brushes, each featuring a different dried blood effect. Great for creating blood effects, but also worthwhile for paint simulation.

Limitations: none

39. Scorched and burned

free Photoshop brushes scorched and burned

Create a scorched and burned effect with this brush set

Another great set of brushes from WeGraphics that feature realistic scorch and burn effects in 10 different designs.

Limitations: cannot be redistributed

40. AP brushes: scar face

free Photoshop brushes scars

Look no further for scars...

Ideal if you want to introduce some scarring to portraits or simply generate beautifully textured background elements.

Limitations: none

41. Grunge and smooth floral brushes

free Photoshop brushes grunge floral

You'll find some grunge floral brushes in this set

A great set of mixed media brushes along a grunge and floral theme.

Limitations: non-commercial use only

42. Grunge2012

free Photoshop brushes grunge

There are 25 grunge brushes in this set

A great set of 25 grunge brushes with some excellent textures for adding detail to your work.

Limitations: non-commercial use only

43. Antique postcards

free Photoshop brushes antique

Use these six hi-res antique postcard Photoshop brushes

This wonderful collection of six antique postcard designs provides an excellent background for further design work. Each card brush features text and a delightful patina.

Limitations: none

44. Spray splatter

free Photoshop brushes grunge

These 12 free Photoshop brushes are excellent for grunge and dirty effects

A lovely collection of 12 brushes covering up to 2500px each. This set features a range of spray patterns suitable for generating dirty backgrounds and textures, or highlighting typography.

Limitations: none

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