The 30 greatest free web fonts

Keen to add typographic personality to your next website without breaking the bank? Check out these free web fonts.

It's time-consuming to cut through the ocean of mediocre web fonts to find the real gems that punch above their (zero) price tag. With this in mind, we've rounded up the greatest free web fonts from around the web to get you started.

There are various methods to source and license web fonts, including subscription-based models such as Typekit, WebINK, Fontdeck and Fontspring, which boast libraries of quality typefaces and are becoming increasingly popular with professional designers. If you're on a tight budget, however, or are just looking to experiment on a smaller project, there are plenty of good web fonts available at no cost if you know where to look.

Font sources

Sites such as Font Squirrel are helpful, not to mention the free-to-use Google Web Fonts service and Adobe Edge Web Fonts. Powered by Typekit, this supplements the GWF library with several of Adobe's own open source web fonts and integrates neatly with Edge and Muse. But here is our selection of the best around.

Oh, and you should also read: rules for using web fonts that some designers forget!

01. Rosario

Free web fonts Rosario
Rosario is perfect for setting paragraph type

Rosario is described by publisher Omnibus as being a classic semi-serif typeface, featuring weak contrast and smooth endings. We think it's an excellent Humanist sans-serif addition to your type arsenal. Perfect for setting paragraph type, Rosario is named after the city where designer Héctor Gatti lives. The font has also benefited from TrueType hinting additions provided by Adobe via their Edge Web Fonts platform.

02. Roboto Slab

Free web fonts Roboto Slab
Roboto Slab provides a pleasant reading experience

Roboto Slab is one variant in the wider Roboto family designed by Christian Robertson. The slab version particularly catches the eye with its geometric shapes and open curves. It works equally well as a display font or for dense copy: the letterform rhythm feels natural, making for a pleasant reading experience.

03. Oswald

Free web fonts Oswald
Oswald is a fantastic display font for headlines

One of the first fonts to be featured in Google's Web Fonts library, Oswald has been updated more recently to include multiple weights, extended character sets and better kerning. The font is a reworking of the classic Alternate Gothic sans-serif typeface style, created by designer Vernon Adams, and is a fantastic display font for headlines and captions.



04. Stalemate  

Free web fonts Stalemate
Stalemate works well as an accent font

A wonderfully quaint script design by Jim Lyles, and harking back to vintage origins. This font works well as an accent or display font, adding instant "personal" impact to your typography on the page.

05. Crimson Text

Free web fonts Crimson Text
Crimson Text is a solid, well proportioned serif

This wonderfully refined font makes an excellent choice for copy that requires the solidity and impact of a well proportioned serif. Designed by Sebastian Kosch in the best traditions of oldstyle typefaces such as Garamond, this features beautifully rendered ordinals and uppercase forms, making it a solid and reliable choice for many applications.

06. Gravitas One

Free web fonts Gravitas One
This web font will be perfect for headers and tabs

Designed by Riccardo De Franceschi, Gravitas One is modelled on the 'UK fat face' - a heavy advertising type created during the industrial revolution in England. This is a font that'll look great in a medium to large scale; perfect for headers, tabs and striking titles.

07. Jura

Free web fonts Jura
Jura comes in four different weights, so will work well almost anywhere!

Daniel Johnson wanted to create a Roman alphabet using the same kinds of strokes and curves as the Kayah Li glyphs. Jura was born and has been expanded to include glyphs for the Cyrillic and Greek alphabets. It's available in light, book, medium, and demibold weights.


08. League Gothic

Free web fonts League Gothic
The League of Moveable Type deliver another stellar web font

Originally designed by Morris Fuller Benton for the American Type Founders Company in 1903, League Gothic has been given a new lease of life thanks to The League of Moveable Type. Thanks to a commission from WND.com, it's been revised and updated with contributions from Micah Rich, Tyler Finck, and Dannci, who have contributed the extra glyphs.

09. Fjord

Free web fonts Fjord
Fjord is perfect for content on the web

Fjord is a serif typeface, originally designed with printed books in mind, and particularly intended for long texts in small print sizes. This will look great for your longer content on the web as it features sturdy construction, prominent serifs, low-contrast modulation and long elegant ascenders and descenders relative to the 'x' height.

10. Amaranth

Free web fonts Amaranth
Play around with Amaranth and see what works for your site

The Amaranth family is a friendly upright italic design with a slight contrast and distinctive curves. With its three new styles Amaranth works really well with almost any text type. This is a font perfect for playing around with – see what works!

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