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Kids recreate Allosaurus skeleton with a 3D printer

We only just discovered this fantastic video, and simply had to publish it. Seriously, how could we overlook a video that doesn't just feature dinosaurs, or 3d printing, but BOTH!

Part of the American Museum of Natural History's 'Learn and Teach' program, high school students spent two weeks producing models of dinosaurs, as part of "Capturing Dinosaurs: Reconstructing Extinct Species Through Digital Fabrication".

The program introduced students to comparative fossil anatomy through digital 3D capturing, modeling and printing technologies. Students were then asked to replicate a dinosaur, but the species was kept secret. Students had to scan, digitally model, and print the bones using 3D printers. And then they had to ID one of the Jurassic era's deadliest dinos.

Learn more about youth programs offered at the Museum: