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Watch this! The new TAG Heuer commercial

We love a good advert here at Creative Bloq and think that commercials can be one of the most creative outlets for designers. Although most have to adhere to the company's brand and motto, there's still plenty of room for creative juices to flow onto the screen. We discovered this new advertisement from Paris based 3D and animation film production company Mecanique Generale and it's an absolute feast for the eyes.

With a commitment of using 'state of the art technology to make ideas possible,' this creation for Tag Heuer watches was always going to be impressive. The company was co-founded by Baptiste Masse, who already had an extensive knowledge of CGI and 3D - he even features in our stunning examples of print ads! He along with co-founder Emilie Rouault have managed to rack up a seriously impressive portfolio including advertisement campaigns for the likes of Walt Disney, Motorola and McDonald's.

How was it made?

'The Frog' was created using a mixture of Maya and photorealistic rendering software Mental Ray. The breathtaking visuals see a Tag Heuer watch transform into a frog, made up of entirely of watch materials. The assembly of the watch pieces is astonishing, with the tag line 'Everything can change in a second' summing up the advert.

A simple execution of the Tag Heuer logo to finish the commercial is a perfect way to include the company whilst keeping creativity at the forefront of the viewer's mind. Mecanique Generale have once again triumphed in the 3D stakes to create another fantastic advert.

We love it but what do you think? Have you seen any great 3D commercials recently? Let us know in the comments box below!