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Adobe unveils update to Premiere Pro

07. Better playback

Adobe's making big performance improvements to Mercury Transmit, which means users of third-party I/O hardware for monitoring will experience increased responsiveness and improved playback reliability.

08. Review your captions

The simplicity of Premiere Pro CC's Closed Caption workflow has been widely applauded. Adobe has now opened up the workflow for other uses. This also makes it easy to review Closed Captions on non-Closed Caption enabled hardware.

09. Work on touch devices

Premiere Pro now has support for Windows touch devices including the MS SurfacePro 3 and the new Dell m3800. Adobe promises it will continue to work towards a more touch-friendly editing experience for editors.

10. Better audio workflows

When it comes to sound, Adobe has added faster voiceover record setup, easier audio channel mapping, improved multi-channel export, and a more consistent Audio hardware setup to the software.

11. Easy access to Source Settings

You can now access the RAW source settings in the MasterClip Effect section of the effects panel, enabling you to reset any parameter more quickly and easily.

12. Hot Text now uses Up/Down Arrow

A small update, but one that may make your life significantly easier: In the Effects Panel or new Color Panel you can now click on the value and adjust it up/down using the arrow keys. Hold down the shift key to adjust by 10 or Cntrl/Cmd key to adjust by 1/10.

To learn more about what's coming next, visit the Premiere Pro blog. In the meantime we don't yet have a release date for any of these updates: Adobe's best guess is late Spring/early summer. But the moment they're available we'll let you know, so stay tuned to Creative Bloq!

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