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Delightful animation explores your pencil's possibilities

Elias Freiberger strongly believes that 'good design is about coming up with ideas - that often start from pencil and paper - not just the tools at your disposal'. And his latest work, short film Design Starts Here, shows exactly that.

At just under two-minutes long, Freiberger's beautiful piece puts emphasis on the humble sketchbook and pencil, using motion graphics and 3D effects to portray their endless possibilities. "From my research into the motion design and graphic design industries, I've often discovered that many people place too much of an emphasis on software," he comment on Vimeo.

Many people place too much of an emphasis on software

The graduation piece was created as part of the MA in Graphic Moving Image Freiberger is currently completing at the London College of Communication. Want to know more about the film's production? Take a look at this cool making of video:

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