Behance portfolio of the week: George Nijland

Founder of arch-vis design studio Triple-D, George Nijland has been visualising architectural projects, interiors and industrial objects since 1998. A talented 3D artist, Nijland creates beautiful and inspiring realistic renders for his clients.

Based in the Netherlands, Nijland has worked with various architects, property developers and interior designers during his career. His 3D creations allowing his clients to view every angle of the design as well as showing the potential of the space inside.

We've selected five of our favourites, but head to Behance to check out a fuller selection of Nijland's imaginative and inspiring work.

Project China

Nijland created a series of daytime and evening renders for this property design in China

Nijland created this gorgeous 3D impressions of a private residence in China for Netherlands-based ARX Architects. The designer produced a series of beautiful 3D daytime and evening renders covering every angle of the property.

Project Heijmans

Nijland created a series of interior renders for a Dutch developer

This interior scene showcases Nijland's skills for interior visualisation perfectly. In fact, upon first glance, it's hard to believe that this is a CG image. The designer created a series of renders for this 'Heijmans' project for a Dutch developer.

Project Lochem

This gorgeous visualisation was created fro New Delhi-based architectural company Maas Architects

Titled 'Project Lochem', Nijland created a series of 3D daytime renders for Maas Architects, based in Lochem. The set of images covers all angles of the property, including a gorgeous swimming pool scene.

Project Silvoide

Nijland created a series of 3D interior and exterior renders to showcase this gorgeous property design

Another project for ARX Architects, Nijland created a series of interior and exterior 3D renders for this project 'Silvoide'. The images showcase the property's design beautifully, in particular the amount of light that would fill each room due to its huge glass windows.

Project Zuylenlaan

This ultra-realistic 3D render forms part of a series of images for an ongoing project

No, this is not a photo. But you'd be forgiven for thinking so. This ultra-realistic render is part of an ongoing project Nijland has been working on this year. The designer has created a series of interior and exterior renders and they're all unbelievably realistic.

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