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Create photorealistic 3D renders with free hi-res HDR images

To celebrate the launch of a new website and shop, CG resource site Dutch 360 HDR has made one of its sets of HDR images available free to Creative Bloq readers.

Download the free HDR image set

This is a special limited time offer and won't be available to download after 1 February.

Founded by Bob Groothuis, Dutch 360 HDR creates high-quality High Dynamic Range images that 3D artists can use to create photorealistic lighting effects in their renders. Its content has been used on movies and videogames ranging from Immortals to Assassin's Creed III.

Because the commercial Dutch Skies 360° are royalty-free they can even be used in advertisement projects (as background sky, for example) and improve profitability.

The free Dutch Skies 360 XL set shows a coastal environment with a stormy sky, and is provided as 8K and 19K .hdr files, and as 8K and 16K sIBL (Smart Image-Based Lighting) sets.

The files are available under a non-commercial licence, but if you want to use them in commercial projects, you can email Bob directly: the contact details are in the download.

The download also includes a set of useful resources related to the assets, including more information on how to use sIBL sets, and how to set up your own tonemapping for the HDRs.

You can find more free HDR/sIBL sets on the new Dutch 360 HDR website and shop, along with collections of commercial resources.

Groothius tells us anyone buying the Dutch Skies 360° Volume 1, 2, 3 or 4 collections, or the Dutch Skies 360° Autumn Pack 01, will receive free updates this year.

Visit for more.