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This candy trip showreel will sizzle your retinas

Warsaw-based duo Kuba Matyka and Kamila Staszczyszyn started working together under the alias Fafankula 18 months ago, at which point, Matyka admits, they "didn’t really know anything about animation". The duo have since taught themselves Cinema 4D, V-Ray, Maya and RealFlow.

Cartoons from the '90s, comics, colours and random memories are all sources of inspiration: "It's all deformed into some abstract, colourful goo that fills our brains," Matyka goes on. "You remember that feeling, when your mom takes you to the candy store and you just want it all? 'One thing at a time,' she says. It's the same with us, but now there's no one to stop us."

This article originally appeared in Computer Arts issue 219.

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