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Photoshop CC's new 3D functionality explained

Following Adobe's multitude of announcements last week about its new CC software - and its controversial payment model - much of the detail about the improvements to its mainstay products have been lost.

Adobe has paid a lot of attention to 3D functionality in its initial Photoshop CC release, with tools from the premium-priced Photoshop Extended being folded into the all-new software. In the video above, senior Photoshop product manager Zorana Gee runs through some of the new features.

Improvements to the 3D painting experience and the ability to now easily delete, duplicate and create instances of 3D objects through the 3D scene panel should greatly improve the workflow of a 3D artist and cement Photoshop CC as a serious 3D tool. But the question remains, will professional designers warm to Adobe's subscription-only model?

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