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Student short pays tribute to 80s sci-fi movies

Short film Thousandth Street is the product of four students from the Artfx School in Montpellier, France - Jérémy Nguyen, Alexis Amant, Ghali Ouazzany and Maxime Servoise. A graduation project, the film was inspired by classic science fiction movies of the 80s.

Sci-fi fans everywhere will instantly recognise the inspirations behind this film, 80s classics Blade Runner, Robocop and Terminator included. But it also incorporates nods to more recent movies with the inclusion of a gestural interface, similar to those found in Minority Report and Iron Man.

Intricate effects

A mixture of live-action and CG effects, pre-production, shooting and post production took a total of eight months to complete. The team used a green screen to shoot all the live-action, except the rain sequence, which they then composited the CG effects, created using Maya, into afterwards.

"The most challeging aspect was time," says Nguyen, "as we only had five days shooting to get everything we needed. We then had to overcome the hurdles of match the lighting with the holograms in the scene, managing the actor and tracker positions and the many different camera angles. But it was our first goal to do something beautiful in a dark world and to respect the sci-fi worlds created by author Philip K.Dick."

Want to know more about how Jérémy and the team made Thousandth St? Check out this cool making-of video:

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