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Photoshop's new 'Copy CSS' feature explained

Yesterday we gave you the highlights of new changes to Photoshop announced by Adobe, now available to online subscribers via Adobe's Creative Cloud service. Web designers have been particularly intrigued by the new "export to CSS" function, and Adobe has since released this video showing how it works in practice.

In the brief clip, Photoshop product manager Stephen Nielson, demonstrate how the new feature enables designers to quickly export CSS markup for text and shape styling. Basically, you can right-click on a layer or group, and choose 'Copy CSS' and Photoshop generates code which you can paste into your code editor.

If you like the idea of the new feature but you're unwilling to take out a subscription to the Creative Cloud, you might want to investigate CSS Hat, a $29.99 plugin that provides similar functionality.

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Are you tempted by the new feature - or do you think modern web design should be done in the browser? Let us know your views in the comments below.