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Web design in Adobe CS

If you're a designer, you probably spent your formative years with a box of crayons rather than a calculator. As a result, the arcane machinations of the programming world are something you may have cold sweats about at night, but don't really want to tackle in the waking world. To be fair, no-one expects you to know how to put computer code around the text in a Word document to get the layout you want, so why should you have to worry about HTML tags, styles and other abstract computer code to bring your ideas to the Web?

Both Macromedia and Adobe offer 'complete' packages for bringing designs straight from concept to the online world, but with the release of the Creative Suite of products from Adobe, you will be able to sleep more soundly at night. Although no computer program can truly replace a good Web developer with a thorough knowledge of the ins and outs of browser mechanics, these programs can help designers deploy simple sites quickly and accurately.

In the following four quick tutorials, you'll learn how to take a completed Web design from a flat image into a completed Web page, ready to be deployed from each of the programs included with Adobe's Creative Suite.

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