Ad agency reminds us that Facebook Likes don't help

facebook like campaign

Real press images were used for the campaign

When browsing through your Facebook newsfeed, you'll often come across a harrowing story with an equally upsetting image; with a message to 'Like' the photo to make a stand against the happenings. So, you click 'Like' and go about your daily business. It's nice to feel you've 'done something' and 'made a difference', but of course you haven't, as a new campaign for Crisis Relief Singapore graphically points out.

The charity worked with advertising agency Publicis Singapore, which created a series of unsettling images connected with the tagline 'Liking isn’t helping'. Using real press photos with digitally manipulated thumbs-up hands to mimic the Facebook 'Like' icon, three ads have been created, on the themes of Flood, Earthquake, and War.

Spreading the message that a Facebook 'Like' doesn't do anything in the grand scheme of things, this is one of the most impactful campaigns we've seen in a long time.

facebook like campaign

facebook like campaign

See more work from Publicis Singapore on their website.

[via Buzzfeed]

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