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Faceless photos in thought-provoking ad campaign

We've never seen family photos like this before, fortunately. The set of creepy, faceless images are part of a new thought-provoking campaign for Alzheimer's Research by art director Domenico Liberti.

Affecting the nerve cells and tissues in the brain, Alzheimer's is one of the most common forms of dementia. But for this campaign to raise awareness of the disease, Liberti avoided long winded explanantions of symptoms and what it leads to, opting for a hard-hitting visual approach instead.

Through the use of generic family photos, Liberti's message about the effects of this disease hit home in a much more personal way. And by removing the faces of family members, no words are needed to explain the message he's conveying. There's something incredibly disturbing about the faceless images, which is kind of the point and why the concept is just so effective.

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