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McDonald's innovative billboard halves the price of a Big Mac

Mcdonalds advert

The billboard sits on the border of Norway and Sweden

There's been some brilliant examples of inventive billboard advertising over the past few years, with advertising agencies consistently outdoing each other when it comes to creativity. Love them or hate them, McDonald's has always managed to produce inventive advertisements and this latest offering is one such example.

Created by advertising agency DDB Stockholm, this billboard takes an innovative approach to "slashing prices" on the border of Norway and Sweden. Highlighting the price differences on the cusp of each country, the advert showcases how much cheaper the Big Mac is in Sweden.

Complete with the tag line 'We Swedes quite happily welcome our bargain-hunting neighbours, with open arms and a broad smile,' it's a cleverly put-together advertisement and another triumph for DDB.

[via Branding Magazine]

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