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The cool outdoor ads activated by warm weather

How's this for targeted advertising? Stella Artois Cidre recently teamed up with communication agencies Posterscope and Liveposter to launch a real-time, weather-activated, location-based ad campaign.

The teams created a bespoke scheduling system which, through the use of a real-time weather data plug-in, delivers digital ads depicting a bountiful scene of handpicked apples and showcasing chilled Stella Artois Cidre.

When the device reigsters an increase of two degrees above the national average temperature, the cider ad displays, providing the perfect cue for a summer refreshment. But the ads will not appear in locations registering lower temperatures, or where it's raining.

Andy Logan, marketing manager for Stella Artois Cidre said: “This summer, Stella Artois Cidre, will deliver the most sophisticated summer of refreshment, right on cue when the temperature rises.

"This innovative media mechanic is yet another way we are pushing the boundaries through digital technologies to be relevant to our consumers, at just the right time."

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