The five best desks in 2019 for your home office or studio


If you spend a lot of time working in front of a computer, you'll know how important it is to have the best desk possible for your budget. 

Anyone who’s sat at an uncomfortable desk all day will know the associated woes. A desk that’s too low or too high can cause you back problems; too much or too little space can hinder the organisation of your creative life. So when it comes to buying a new desk, where do you start?

There are a few key factors to bear in mind, and you’ll need to decide which are most important to you. Are you all about ergonomics? Do you want an adjustable desk so you can sit or stand as you work? Is cable management important to you? Overall design? Are you solely basing your decision on price? Or do you just want something with a decent warranty in case something goes wrong? 

Whatever your requirements and budget, we’ve rounded up five of the best desks of 2019 to help you choose the right desk for you.

 Opendesk Studio Desk

01. Opendesk Studio Desk

Best office desk 2019 overall: this desk is made by designers, for designers

Dimensions: 800 x 1,600 x 78cm | Height adjustment: No | Cable management: Yes

You can make it yourself
Environmentally friendly
Limited storage

Proving that simple is usually best, our choice for the best overall desk goes to Opendesk’s Studio Desk. Suitable for both a home office or studio environment, the Studio Desk has neat cable management via a hidden panel inside the leg, which feeds into a discreet removable cable cover in the desk.

The unique thing about Opendesk is that you can choose to download the design and make it yourself, if you’re feeling adventurous. Or you can get a quote from a local maker, who will put it together and deliver it direct. Not only are you helping other designers, you also get to feel smug about the fact that your new desk is made from sustainably grown FSC-certified baltic plywood.  

Other desks in the Opendesk range include collaboration tables, a hot desk and the Lift Standing desk, which, as the name suggests, can be adjusted to become a standing desk.  

Tribesigns Computer Desks

02: Tribesigns Computer Desk

A stunning, height-adjustable standing desk.

Dimensions: 60x140x75cm | Height adjustment: Yes | Cable management: No

Seven heights available
Storage in legs
Adjustment can be fiddly 

Your posture will likely improve with a standing desk, and if you have a bad back then periods of standing up can be incredibly good for you – but a lot of adjustable desks will set you back a small fortune. 

As a more affordable option, the Tribesigns Computer Desk gets our vote for best standing desk. It doesn't just look cool – it can also be adjusted to one of seven different height options via locking pins in its legs.  

It also includes cleverly incorporated shelves that are hidden in the desk’s legs, meaning you can stash all your design books and stationery out of the way. 

At almost one-and-a-half metres wide, this Tribesigns desk is also large enough to house two monitors, or one monitor and a big sketchbook, although bear in mind that adjusting the desk can be more difficult if you have a lot of heavy stuff on it (another reason why the shelves are useful). 

This desk is available in black or white, is easy to assemble, and comes with an 18 month guarantee.  

John Lewis loft desk

03. John Lewis Loft Desk

This chic workstation is one of the best space-saving desks out there.

Dimensions: 95x105x52-78cm | Height adjustment: No | Cable management: Yes

Extendable worktop
Cubby holes and a drawer
Assembly needs two people

If you need a brilliant space-saving desk, look no further than John Lewis’ Loft Desk. It's an affordable and handsome solution for anyone looking to save space in their office or studio. 

The slideable top – which extends from 52cm to 78cm – takes up minimal space when you’re not using it, and the holes in the back mean that cables can be kept neatly tucked away. 

There’s also a drawer and five cubby holes on top for storing notebooks and stationery. The Loft Desk is available in ash, white or white/ash – we think the combination of the two is the most stylish. Matching cabinets are also available, and John Lewis has a generous two-year warranty period.  

Note that this desk can be a bit tricky to put together due to its various cubby holes. And at 29kg, it’s also pretty heavy, so your best bet is to enlist some help when assembling it.  

Ameriwood Home Haven Retro Desk with Riser

04. Ameriwood Home Haven Retro Desk with Riser

A stylish yet cheap desk, perfect for a home studio

Dimensions: 90 x 113.5 x 60.5cm | Height adjustment: No | Cable management: No

Sleek design
Two levels
Not real wood

Another good option for small studios, the Ameriwood Home Haven Retro Desk with Riser is a stylish addition to any room. And it doesn’t scream ‘work desk’, either – which is great if you want it to blend into your bedroom, say. 

It has two levels – allowing you to have your laptop on the lower level and plants, design books or whatever else keeps you inspired on the top. 

It doesn’t have any drawers, forcing you to keep things clutter-free, and the thin spindly legs mean you won't be in danger of constantly knocking your knees against them. Make sure you have a flat floor surface though, otherwise it has a tendency to wobble.  

Overall this desk is quick to put together – it should take around 20 minutes, maximum – and is a solid option that should please anyone looking for an affordable and compact desk that doesn’t scrimp on style. It’s available in four colours – walnut, espresso, sugar pine or weathered oak. We like espresso the best.  

Germania slide

05. Germania Slide

Flexible corner desk with plenty of storage

Dimensions: 76x120x60cm (desk) 73x120x35cm (storage) | Height adjustment: No | Cable management: No

Sliding cupboard doors
Flexible configuration
No cable management

Most corner desks are hefty, unattractive affairs in heavy dark wood or ugly metal, but this Germania Slide desk provides light relief. Our choice for best corner desk, the workstation houses four cupboards, this desk is ideal for brightening up a forgotten corner of your office or home, as well as hiding clutter.  

The flexible German design allows you to slide the doors from left to right, and the doors are reversible, so if you get bored of one colour or want to switch to either ‘home’ or ‘work’ mode, you can turn it round to see the other side. The assembly is also ‘reversible’ so you can have this desk in either left or right-hand configuration. 

The Germania Slide is available in black with reversible oak finish doors, and white, with either oak finish or lime green. We’re not convinced by the green, but both black and white with oak are good options.    

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