How to be a thrifty freelancer

One of the hardest parts of being a freelancer is the money side of things. If you've had regular pay cheque your whole life, living with no guaranteed income can be daunting. Some months you'll be working non-stop, others will be ominously quiet. The easiest way to stay out of trouble – especially when you're first starting out – is by being thrifty with your money. We asked leading freelance artists, designers and photographers for their top tips on being smart with money.

Before we kick things off, here's a bonus tip: there are plenty of helpful resources online that won't cost you a penny – if you know where to find them. Take a look at our pick of the best free fonts, free iPhone apps for creatives and free graphic design software just for starters.

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Gary Evans is a journalist with a passion for creative writing. He's recently finished his Masters in creative writing, but when he's not hitting the books, he loves to explore the world of digital art and graphic design. He was previously staff writer on ImagineFX magazine in Bath, but now resides in Sunderland, where he muses on the latest tech and writes poetry.