How to land your dream job in animation

The animation industry is booming worldwide, but this doesn't mean that it isn't still hugely competitive. As head of animation at Escape Studios, I often get asked the same questions: 'What does it take to break into the industry, and what skills are needed for junior animators who want to land their first job?'

Your first task as an animator is to create an excellent demo reel. Your showreel is a display of talent; it is how we all get hired. You should feature only your best work in your demo reel, and you should edit your reel to suit the company you're sending it to. It's no use sending a creature reel to Pixar, or a character reel to Framestore. You must thoroughly research the work the company has done and match its house style with your own work that demonstrates mastery of similar techniques.

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Alex Williams has worked on titles including Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and studios from Blue Sky, to Sony Imageworks. He now teaches animation at Escape Studios.