How Focus mode can help you combat digital fatigue

Apple screenshot and Focus app icon
(Image credit: Apple / Creative Bloq)

Have you been struggling with digital fatigue lately? If you're tired all the time and have sore eyes by the end of the day, there's a chance you might have a screen addiction. I know what you're thinking: "That couldn't possibly be me, I'm not addicted to my phone". But what about your TV? Your laptop? Any handheld gaming consoles? Digital billboards as you walk to work? Screens can be unavoidable in this digital age, especially when it's part of your job. 

As a photographer with one of the best camera phones, as well as a tech journalist, and casual gamer, I've been finding that I spend about 80% of my day staring at a screen, which is pretty terrible for my digital well-being (and headaches). Once I close the lid on my laptop at 5:30, I'll take a tech break to walk the dog and cook some food, but then it's back to screens for either photo editing, gaming on my Nintendo Switch, or trying to unwind by watching a movie. 

Beth Nicholls
Ecommerce Writer

Beth is Creative Bloq’s Ecommerce Writer. An avid music photographer and previous staff writer for Digital Camera World, Beth has a keen eye for content and knows just how to create it. Her background working as a tester for CeX has provided extensive knowledge surrounding the latest tech and gaming trends, and she studied Music Journalism too, so you'll probably find her at a gig. Basically, she's a total nerd with a Snorlax tattoo and a Master's degree in Photography, forever wishing she was Peter Parker.