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The design agency survival guide

Starting and running a successful design agency takes guts, determination and a fair bit of business savvy. It can be hugely rewarding, but you also need to know what you're letting yourself in for.

As our freelance survival guide shows, there are plenty of considerations to bear in mind when going it alone – but these responsibilities are multiplied when you're running a business and have staff, infrastructure and other things to worry about.

Whether you're just starting out or are looking to build your reputation and grow your studio, we've gathered together a collection of content to give you the insight and inspiration you need to be successful. 

This includes creative business advice, useful insights on how to create a better studio culture and working environment for your staff, and self-promotion and portfolio ideas to get your name out there.

So read on for our essential guide to how to run a more successful design studio. If we haven't covered a particular burning question for you, fear not – we will continue to add to this collection with more invaluable studio advice each month.

01. Inspirational design agencies

02. Design agency business advice

03. Advice on agency culture

04. Self-promo for design agencies

05. Design agency portfolio advice

Nick Carson
Nick Carson is a content strategist and copywriter, and former editor of Computer Arts. He is also chair of judges for the Brand Impact Awards.