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Fotolia presents: Lydia Baillergeau

Once a month, Fotolia makes a PSD file created by one of the world's top digital artists available as a free download. The project, currently in its second year, is called TEN.

August's very special freebie comes in the shape of Illustrator and After Effects files American creative Lydia Baillergea used in her piece Toast to Inspiration.

We caught up with her to find out more ...

Computer Arts: Tell us about your workflow, how you get stuff done ...
Lydia Baillergeau
: Patience, perseverance, a desire to communicate an idea and evoke an emotion. It’s not just about making a pretty design. A great design tells a story. If you make something pink, you need to know exactly why you chose that colour.

CA: Tell us about your TEN project ...
Creativity and being inspired are really magical things to me, so I attempted to depict this feeling through the use of bright colors, twinkling stars, glowing lights and ethereal imagery. To add a natural texture to the canvas, I added Alpha and Luma mats in After Effects. I love exploring these styles in my transitions.

CA: How did you get into motion?
I’ve been drawing, doodling, writing, imagining, and creating for as long as I can remember. When I visualise things, I see them in motion. But as I was designing in print, I always imagined the elements coming on to the page in motion. Never just a static frame.

Samsonov's work will be available free for 24 hours on Friday 9 August. Visit:

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