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Astonishing making-of video will inspire your animations

Earlier this year, we featured 3D short Birds, created by contemporary art studio Zeitguised that produced some strange and abstract creatures that we simply fell in love with. Now you can go behind the scenes with Matt Frodsham to see how the incredible animations were made.

"The initial conception of Birds actually took place in 2011 during a pitch process that actually led to one of my other favourite projects with Zeitguised, MTV Charts," he explains. "We made some motion tests and rough frames using footage and images of real birds, featuring geometric abstractions being affected by their colour and movement.

"The 'strugglers' won through for that project but our birds idea sat quietly chirping away for a couple of years, waiting to be set free. One of my favourites is the sliced boiled egg, which evolved from one of the very first tests I tried out with semi-dynamic coloured discs placed along the bird's body."

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