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Flash MX for artists

Throughout the ages of the Web we've been constantly reminded of all the fantastic things that can be achieved with Flash, and never has it been more true than with the arrival of Flash MX. However, since the days of version 1, we've all been doing one thing without even realising it, and that's drawing.

In this respect, Flash MX has so much more to offer the digital artist. Once you start looking at it as an illustration tool, you'll often find yourself using Flash alongside dedicated favourites such as FreeHand and Illustrator. The Pen and Brush are easy to use, and the Subselection tool helps fine-tune vector shapes to perfection. A creative use of layers, symbols and bitmap controls also leads us on the way to producing stunning artwork for Web or print.

So whether you're an illustrator looking to make your first exploration into Flash, or an old hand keen to stretch the app with some new tricks, the next few pages will show you how it's done.

Click here to download the tutorial for free