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Japanese Kamon and Hanko Stamp workshop

Japanese kamons, or mons, are symbols of the histories and lineages of Japanese families, and hold deep meaning. Kamons date back to around the 9th century, when they were used by noble families to stylishly decorate their possessions.

When Japan later became a military society, crests were displayed on flags, swords, armour and clothing to distinguish allies from enemies. Eventually, during the peaceful Edo period, kamons came into everyday use by the general population. Since then, kamons have been a fundamental part of Japanese culture.

Hanko are special stamps bearing the name of the owner, and are used in much the same way as a signature. In this project I show you how to integrate kamons and hanko stamps into your manga-style illustrations to create a futuristic look.

Click here to download the support files (784KB)

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