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Freakishly cute animated short is a must-see

This Bafta-winning classic, which has been shown at numerous festivals, is finally available to view online.

The 12-minute animation, directed by Marc Craste, follows a lone performer and a trapeze artist, telling a tale of love, self-sacrifice and isolation that's sure to make even the coldest hearts draw a tear at the ending. Played out on a monochromatic background, the film showcases Craste’s skill at creating stories that are timeless and transcend generations.

Monochrome and metaphors

The freakish, but for the most part cute, characters, act as metaphors for human behaviour in many of its forms. The choice of monochrome undoubtedly is a result of Craste’s love of directors David Lynch (Eraserhead) and Wim Wenders (Wings of Desire).

Since Jo Jo in the Stars was first shown, studio AKA has gone on to be one of the most prestigious animation companies in London, working with the likes of Eurostar, ITV and Guinness.

Words: Alex Williamson

Alex Williamson is an art and design student in London, who blogs about design, art and illustration. Follow him on Twitter.

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