This pink stegosaurus animation is the best thing you'll see today

Meet Wayne - a pink stegosaurus with a tiny, tiny brain who thinks his name is Bob. This loveable pink dinosaur is the star of Kenn Nesbitt's children's poem Wayne the Stegosaurus, which The Mill artists Aran Quinn and Jeff Dates recently adapted into a charming animation for the fifth season of Motionpoems.

A nonprofit poetry film company, Motionpoems brings poets and filmmakers together to create short films. This year's event, hosted in Minneapolis, featured 19 films ranging in styles and poems.

Meet Wayne - he's long and heavy, wide and tall, but has a brain that's extra small

With full creative freedom to interpret the poem, Quinn and Dates used a combination of 3D and cell animation to bring Wayne and his endearing view of the world to life. Paired with the voice of narrator Christopher Lukas and a sound design to match, there's nothing not to love about this dumb, but adorable, dinosaur.

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