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Slow Derek struggles with the speed of Earth

It's not often that animations hit you where it hurts, so when it does you know you're onto something special. We're delighted to show you this award-winning animation that truly took our breath away. Entitled 'Slow Derek' and directed by Dan Ojari, the animation tells the tale of Derek, an office worker, as he struggles with the true speed of planet Earth.

Model maker Bethan West brings Derek to life, with stunning clay-crafted character design. The mundane suddenly turns into the stunning, as the team showcase their creative talents from start to finish. The film was lovingly produced by the Royal College of Art.

Soledad Aguila, Sam Ojari, Electra Kythreotou, Mary Martins, Laura Bateman, Anna Eijsbouts and Johanna Jouppila were on hand for additional craft, whilst Joe Tate took care of sound design. Thankfully, Phil Davies was on hand to provide the extra funding.

The animation has won a number of awards, including nods from the UCD Imagine Science Film Satellite Festival, 8th China International Cartoon & Animation Festival and Animated Encounters.

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