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Six amazing animations that use less than 5k!

Check out these amazing demos created as part of a competition held at Assembly, a festival held this weekend in Helsinki. Two of them were created using just 4k of data - and the other three use a minuscule 1k! Talk about a lean approach: next time you're sitting patiently waiting for an intro page to load on your computer or phone, remember how much can be done using so little!

To check out other entries in the competition, check out the Assembly Archive. And if you want to find out how they were created, you can download the original files directly from

xperiment in a box

It's amazing to realise that this inspiring animation, created for Windows by adapt, was created using just 4k of data. Its mindbending streams of light and colour are abstract, entrancing and quite beautiful, winning it third place in the 4k category of the competition.


Second place in the 4k category was awarded to mfx for this psychadelic explosion of colours, created using OpenGL for the PC platform. We could watch this over and over again if we didn't have work to do...


You just won't believe these hauntingly beautiful fireflies were created with just 4k. First prize in the category rightly went to this astonishing demo by Blobtrox, created for the Windows platform using GLSL.

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