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Wacom Bamboo - Manga-style

Wacom is clearly hoping to capitalise on the growing interest in Japanese culture in Europe with the Bamboo Manga, which teams a Bamboo Pen & Touch Tablet with Smith Micro's acclaimed Manga Studio Debut 4 and Anime Studio Debut 8 software programs.

The Bamboo Pen & Touch is a 278mm x176mm x 11mm table, comprising two sensors - one for pen-based input and one for touch-based input. It also includes a stylus with replaceable touch sensitive tip and eraser that offer 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity. Plus four user customisable ExpressKeys for quick access to common functions.

The Manga Studio Debut 4 software makes it relatively easy to create stunning read-to-publish comics; while Anime Studio Debut 8 enables you to create "2D movies, cartoons, anime and cut-out animations," according to Wacom.

The Bamboo Manga is available now for £89.99.