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Build a Windows 8 app: £40K in prizes to be won!

It’s the perfect time to start developing for Windows 8 - and we've partnered with Microsoft to offer an added incentive: £40,000 worth of incredible prizes to be won in our Windows 8 app competition!

If you've never built a Windows app, now the time to start thinking about it seriously. The launch of Windows 8 and the Windows Store means you now have hundreds of millions of potential consumers at your fingertips. Plus a greater revenue share for your efforts than *cough* some app stores we could mention...

It's easier than you think

It's easier than you probably think to build apps for Windows 8 - and you don’t even need to learn a new language. For example, you can build Windows 8 apps with HTML & CSS if you’re a web developer; or Objective-C, Cocoa Touch and XCode, if you’re familiar with building apps for Apple’s devices.

The prizes

Prizes will go to the ten best apps in competition, and there'll also be some fantastic prizes given out EVERY DAY for four weeks in a series of prize draws. Those prizes will be chosen at random, so everybody has a chance to win. And the earlier you get your entry accepted, the more chances you'll have to win - so what are you waiting for?

Here's the full prize breakdown:

  • Daily prize: 28 x 32GB Windows tablets - one each day, for four whole weeks.
  • Extra prize draw: A Dell Workstation, a Wacom 24 HD Tablet and a 16GB Lytro Camera will all go to one lucky winner
  • Each author of the top ten apps will get a Windows 8 Ultrabook, a Windows tablet and a Nokia Lumia 920 Windows 8 Phone.
  • The Grand Prize winner will also win a Dell Workstation, a Wacom 24 HD Tablet and a 16GB Lytro Camera on top of that.

How to enter

Anyone in the UK who's 16 or over can enter - whether you already have a live app in the Windows Store, you're currently building one, or you've never considered it until now.

All the information, tools and help you’ll need to start building Windows 8 apps are on a special microsite we've put together. Or you can just click here to enter the competition right now!