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Apple's radical Mac redesign revealed on HTML5 site

One of the big announcements at Apple's WWDC conference yesterday was a radical new design for the next generation of its Mac Pro desktop computer. Out goes the metal tower that's served us well since the days of the G5, in comes a sleek black cylinder that looks like the sort of computer that Darth Vader, Spinal Tap and Hotblack Desatio would all approve of. And Apple has launched this HTML5 site to showcase the new design in all its glory.

The site uses some beautiful 3D animations to show off the device, rotating it, opening it up and letting us peek inside to see how it ticks as you scroll down the page, along with information about the device's capabilities.

The only thing the site doesn't fully convey is a sense of scale. While the new Mac Pro - due to be on sale later this year - looks like it could be enormous, the device is actually just one-eighth the volume of the previous Mac Pro.

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