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AROUND THE BLOQ: A Facebook redesign, album art and much, much more!

A new look for Facebook

Swedish designer Fred Nerby has created a responsive and systematic design concept for the ubiquitous social media platform, with stunning results.

Make the perfect portfolio

If you don’t have a portfolio, you should – and if you do, perhaps you ought to take a fresh look at it, reckons Gary Marshall.

Movies to watch in 2013: The Croods

Dreamworks’ new animated feature The Croods is slowly gaining momentum after releasing two exciting trailers at the end of 2012 and an ingenious animated poster. See them here…

Design cool, scalable pop art with Illustrator

Nils Davey, from Binary & The Brain, guides you through the process of making circular pop-art style vector graphics.

Freelancing part time: the best of both worlds?

Combining freelance work with a full-time 'proper' job? Is designer Michelle Barker mad?

Seven New Year's resolutions for designers in 2013

Growing and improving as a web designer is all about being honest with yourself. Oliver Reichenstein presents his unique take on the questions we should all be asking.

The best album art of 2012

Take a look at the 20 top examples of album art in this selection of the very best album covers of last year.