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AROUND THE BLOQ: Free wordpress themes, Illustrator tutorials and much more!

25 top free WordPress themes for designers

Turns out you can get something for nothing! Here's a selection of the best free WordPress themes for creating blogs, porfolios sites and more.

Destroy desk culture

We may have sofas and fussball tables in our studios, but with mobile email at all hours and studio Facebook pages to run, it feels like we're constantly at work, says Steve Price.

The best image compression tools

Save bandwidth and accelerate your site's performance with these powerful free tools.

lllustrator tutorials: 80 amazing ideas to try today

Expand your vector knowledge with these Illustrator tutorials, covering everything from retro graphics to logo design.

Big Mouth: Not so fast internet

Online eyeballs are fast and fickle. Gary Marshall reckons we should slow things down a bit and appreciate the things that are racing before us.

Turn day into night in Photoshop with colour-shifted exposure

Illustrator Ben Secret shows how to use curves layers to control your tones and turn day into night.

Cool VFX: Aardman’s fantastic FedEx menagerie

Tortoises, lizards, ants and warlocks share the spotlight in this surreal spot for FedEx.