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AROUND THE BLOQ: How to get a job at Pixar, top online coding tools and much more!

How to get a job at Pixar studios

Want to make it in the animation industry? Pixar's Andrew Gordon explains how to get your foot in the door and how Pixar's internship programme works in practise.

The top 20 online coding tools

Pair programming, social coding, collaborative development. Whatever you want to call it, there's been an explosion of tools for sharing, developing and debugging code in the browser. Here are 20 of the best.

Inject great depth into flat colour

Illustrator Neil Stevens explains how to give a simple vector image a touch of dynamism with shading and textures in Photoshop.

The world of web design is changing fast. Claudio Guglieri, art director at New York agency B-Reel, identifies 10 key trends you need to know about.

Cinema 4D Studio R14 review

With new sculpting, modelling and camera features, this update builds on the work of previous releases but brings some exciting new tools of its own, says Mike Griggs

10 ways to produce perfect prints

Your work might look great on screen, but how will it turn out on paper? Follow designer Andy Brown's tips...

Top myths about QR codes

QR codes seem to be everywhere these days - but they're often misused and misunderstood. Mobile expert Terence Eden talks through the top ten myths about QR codes.