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CHECK THIS OUT! Field of Light

Bruce Monroe: Field of Light

Bruce Monroe envisions a quarter of a million stems encircling Uluru (Ayers Rock)

They might look like an alien landscape from a CGI movie like Avatar, but these fields of glowing orbs are the very real creations of lighting artist and designer Bruce Munro.

And now he's working to create his largest installation to date, 'The Field of Light', which will turn one square kilometre at Uluru (Ayers Rock) in Australia's Red Desert into a panorama of shimmering light.

Bruce Monroe: Field of Light

The design will use 500 LED and solar-powered illuminators to make it self-sufficient in power

The installation will be entirely solar powered and made up of 3290km of optic fibre and 165km of recycled 12mm acrylic tube.

Funding for the project is being sought via corporate sponsors and via a crowd-funding website (where visitors can pledge £12 per stem).

Garden illuminations

Munroe's work is currently on show at Longwood Gardens in Philadelphia, one of the world's great display gardens. It feature seven large-scale outdoor installations and other illuminated sculptures.

Bruce Monroe: Longwell Gardens installation

The illustration at Longwood includes a lit up water tower made up of one-litre recyclable plastic bottles, a forest with 20,000 illuminated glass tulips, and lit-up lilly pads

He's best known in the UK for creating a special installation for the Eden Project, an ecological visitor attraction in Cornwall.

It involved 6000 acrylic stems, each crowned with a glass sphere, being installed on the roof of the visitors' centre.

Bruce Monroe: Eden Project installation

Munro and five assistants worked over three days to create this installation at the Eden Centre

As well as his artistic endeavours, Munro works with a small team to create architectural lighting schemes for commercial spaces, including bespoke luminaires, chandeliers, and sculptures.

WATCH THIS! More of Munro's creations:

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