Behance portfolio of the week: Kim Høltermand

Kim Høltermand is a freelance architectural and landscape photographer from Denmark. Kim was born into a creative family with both his father and grandfather being artists and his grandfather once working as an architect.

Kim's photography career is still very much in its early days, but from the creations on offer, it's clear there's huge talent here. He has already worked with the likes of DEVE Architects, Tru Media Productions, WE DO VOODOO STUDIO and Bosideng.

He has also won a number of awards including the 2011 Blurb 'Bring Your Photography to Life' award and 1st place in the Landscape category at the 2010 APA AWARDS.

His portfolio is a breathtaking find, with stunning scenery, landscapes and cityscapes. We've selected five of our favourites, but head to Behance to check out a fuller selection of Kim's imaginative and inspiring work.

01. Iceland

On the road in Iceland

We would love to feature all the shots that Kim took in Iceland but it was this road-focused photo that really got our creative heads going.

02. Monochronos

The reflection in the water really makes this monochrome shot work

This series entitled 'monochronos' features an array of black and white shots that include buildings, landscapes and lakes. We think the reflection in this shot really makes it stand out.

03. Majestics

Kim manages to evoke an unsettling atmosphere with this shot

Kim called this series of shots 'Majestics' and we can see exactly why - they're stunning! We picked this car park shot purely for its unsettling yet beautiful atmosphere.

04. Tuve

Who would have thought you could make a rock look this good?!

This shot features in a series of murky offerings from Kim, including misty forests and intimidating lakes. We can't quite believe how Kim made this rock look so good!

05. Power Station

Kim discovers the beauty of the power station

This series of photographs focuses on the surprising beauty of a local power station. This hallway shot reminded us of the stunning design work in Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey.

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